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Get Extreme!

Bicycle training


There used to be normal workout, then you learn to work out hard, work out tough, then now it’s extreme workouts. Every year, it seems like there are always some twists and changes on working out. But extreme caution should be exercised as well especially for individuals over 50. Extreme fitness programs are best left to the younger generation who can handle more than regular weight training, ab workouts, cardio, workout routines, and other normal fitness activities.


1- Extreme Fitness Tests

This is the ultimate test for those seeking the most extreme physical activity. Several events are included in this program such as a gruelling marathon race, cross-country race, and other activities to test your endurance...

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Confidence in Competition

mental confidence

The mental game is often at least as important as the physical game. There are many articles written about mental preparation before competition. The physical routines you use to prepare take many hours of focus and concentration and yet the mental aspect should also be taken into account.

There are steps you can take to enhance your performance during competition. The first step would be to prepare yourself mentally by managing  your thoughts and emotions that you are having about the coming competition. Sometimes you might develop unrealistic expectations about what you want to achieve in a particular situation. This can cause excess pressure and stress and can lead to unneeded anxiety.

The first objective in preparing yourself for competition is learning to trust your inner confidence...

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