Confidence in Competition

mental confidence

The mental game is often at least as important as the physical game. There are many articles written about mental preparation before competition. The physical routines you use to prepare take many hours of focus and concentration and yet the mental aspect should also be taken into account.

There are steps you can take to enhance your performance during competition. The first step would be to prepare yourself mentally by managing  your thoughts and emotions that you are having about the coming competition. Sometimes you might develop unrealistic expectations about what you want to achieve in a particular situation. This can cause excess pressure and stress and can lead to unneeded anxiety.

The first objective in preparing yourself for competition is learning to trust your inner confidence. You have put in the practice and training and worked on your skills, now you need to be ready to compete. It is important to achieve a focused, confident and trusting mind set prior to the competition. Consistent mental preparedness leads to consistent performance and this is the mark of a champion athlete.

You should think of your pre-game warm up as your mental fine tuning prior to competition. Your routine should help you with these important points: help in instilling confidence, preparing for adversity, having a game plan, focusing the mind and assuming the role of your competition.

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on a competition if you have distractions in your life. If you carry the problems of everyday living into a sport you might perform badly. Your mental warm up should include purging your mind of worries or problems that may cause you to lose focus. Sometimes a friend or family member might be expecting great results and this can have a negative affect on performance. You should always try to balance the outcome of the game with the reality of your situation. Performance is about rising to the level of your abilities without having undue expectations.

It’s best not to think too much about your competitors abilities compared to your own. Your game plan and personal strategy should reflect what you may know about the competition but it should never affect your confidence level

Most importantly you should trust in your ability, training and mental preparedness and allow your confidence to thrive.

Finally when it comes to game time, your confidence level should allow you to focus on the execution of your skills. You have put in the time and practice and developed the confidence level needed to achieve, now it’s time  maintain your mental focus and minimize your physical errors.  The goal is to be prepared mentally for anything and to be able to overcome any adversity that you may encounter during the competition.



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